Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review Week Ending April 30th

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Week Ending April 30th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #56”  

I’ll open with a celebration for ALL Healthcare Workers, accented by the annual HOSPITAL WEEK designation beginning this coming Sunday, May 8th. The Nurses Association begins their annual National Week in a near corresponding manner, but starts two days earlier on May 6th – tomorrow! It is indeed a time to celebrate and honor each and every one of you in the healthcare field following over two years of a very demanding pandemic which commanded inner strengths and sacrifices of each of you to persevere through challenging times. This wholehearted “Thank You” feels like an insufficient gesture, but we are grateful for what you have done and continue doing.

Last week, we completed an application for the 22-23 Kansas Tax Credit Program, earmarked for the replacement of our Mammography machine with a GE Pristina 3D digital system…to enhance our early detection of breast cancers. We are closing in on raising half of the cost for this nice upgrade and hopefully the Tax Credit Program can help fill the gap. Stacy Zeigler of the MCH Foundation will also be introducing some fun new initiatives to continue raising donations towards this much needed service for our larger Community.

As for the month of April which ended with this pay period, it was a month with a new milestone for my four years here, but not one I am anxious to repeat. We had only 45 patient days staying overnight, compared to the previous low of 66 for a month in the last 50 months. So that is a good sign for residents getting to stay home, but not what we expect from an operational perspective. This does follow a month of March which was a very positive month from a financial viewpoint. It was good to get our sleep center regenerating after a few slow months working through some tech scheduling issues, as we had eight studies done in one recent week, a record for one month’s results!

We can safely say that our need to be on “critical alert” is for now over. We can revert back to our previous scheduling protocols, but be thankful that we have developed some procedures for quickly ramping up staffing needs if the situation demands such. COVID did offer us reason to refine emergency preparedness steps that crossed over to a wide network of supporting hospitals and providers. I think our area wide hospitals have grown closer together over the past two years in terms of working cooperatively, instead of in isolation. It certainly remains nice to keep COVID discussion at the end of this report…we closed April with only seven positive cases in Morris County for the entire month, so still not feeling much activity with the new variant. We’ll continue to keep our fingers crossed.

Thanks to all of you who assist in encouraging our area residents to turn to MCH for their healthcare needs. Have a great next two weeks!!                                         HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!

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