Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending March 20th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #27”  

Time is cruising by, with Spring Breaks already behind many communities and almost over here for our own school district. Let’s hope most were safe relative to gatherings and we do not see an uptick in COVID positives because of the “back to normal desires of most of us”. We are nearly to the end of quarter one for 2021, and no doubt with Spring in the air and COVID numbers way down, we are quite anxious to resume more outside activities, often resulting in more interactions. Our County Health officials do not feel that we can abandon masks, however, especially when we go inside stores, etc. So precautions are still warranted and appreciated.

Changes are occurring in our Radiology Department and the good thing is that the new digital technology we are unveiling offers an amazingly improved gain in instant image retrieval as well as with vastly improved clarity of image. This is great for the providers, technicians, and patients alike! So glad we elected to purchase this state of the art technology.

We heard yesterday from our Rehab Department that a potential record number of visits for a month, may occur in March 2021! That is a bit of a surprise statistic, as we apparently are emerging from a year-long volume slump in a truly amped up manner! We certainly congratulate the Rehab team and thank the providers for their supportive referrals!

This coming Monday we will honor our local physicians, coinciding with National Doctors Day!

Even though things are improving on the COVID front, we feel that ongoing mask wearing, social distancing, and limiting access points into our hospital are responsible features worthy of continuance. The variant versions of COVID remain a concern, so until we can be certain we have weathered Spring Breaks’ collective activities, we need to continue with these practices. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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