COVID Is Heating Up Like the Weather

Comparing it to the life cycle of influenza, early speculation that hot weather would curtail the subsistence of COVID-19 has not proven accurate whatsoever. This virus has found little antibody resistance in its path across America, which may be one of the major differences with it and the long known history of the fall/winter life cycle of influenza. Bring on an effective vaccine, remains the ongoing mantra of the day. Until then there is no doubt that we must remain vigilant with social distancing, hand washing, and the wearing of masks, whenever we must be out and about. Until there is a widespread dissemination of a vaccine, these are the primary things that are going to assure we can keep most of our businesses open, and hopefully allow the reopening of our schools, sometime this fall. As of yesterday (the 13th) in Kansas, we already surpassed the number of positive cases we experienced in the entire elevated month of June! Fortunately the death rate has dropped noticeably, but the spread of the disease is growing quite rapidly. It is definitely a time of being better safe than sorry, as individually we really don’t know how our own bodies will react to a COVID-19 infection. Don’t get too comfortable with the lower death rate and think you can easily recover if you get it. Enjoy your summer activities, but enjoy them only with others, whom you know have been as careful as you hopefully are being.

Tough times call for commitment to what you know has worked for you and your families. Please feel free to call Managers at the Hospital, the Public Health Department, or our Clinics if you have any further questions on the latest recommended guidelines for protecting yourselves.

On a hospital announcement, we welcome Mr. Sean Gooding this week as he starts his fulltime role as our Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). He has already purchased a home in town and is excited about being here. Welcome Sean!!! Regarding our Visitation Policy, we are still only allowing one screened visitor with each patient. And as a clarification, if a patient happens to be COVID suspect and is being tested, we cannot allow a visitor in that case – until a negative result is determined. We can still say after four whole months of dealing with this topic, we have NOT had any known COVID positive patients inside our building. That comes with great relief and also some very good fortune. We can only hope it continues.

Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE.

MCH, CEO, Kevin Leeper

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