COVID Update #11

Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

The new real world life of COVID Disruption continues across our country with no convincing end in sight…but progress towards a vaccine is seemingly gaining more traction. Big Pharma Companies see a big government contract looming if they can both be the first to demonstrably validate an effective vaccine AND pledge an ability to mass produce it by year end or soon after. Here in Kansas, the positive case numbers reported through 9:00AM this morning are at last showing a decline in average daily values over the last four days. Four days are approaching a meaningful length of time, if we can only continue with a similar trend. There are some reports of concern being projected, however, that the robust positive testing in the South, will move northward…so we Midwesterners should continue exercising maximum caution and care.

At MCH we have run into our first week of what I normally attribute to the “dog days of summer”. I think our slump in inpatient volume is truly more just that, than it is due to the “COVID stay home mentality” still being practiced by many. Our outpatient business continues to ramp back up to more normal levels of activity. We have had continued higher than normal levels of lab testing (aided by the COVID demands), as well as near normal Clinic visit activity over the past two weeks. I thank everyone for their careful cleaning efforts in between patients and for doing all we can to keep this pandemic at a near holding pattern for the most of this long battle. Your efforts are not going unnoticed…people tell me quite often how impressed they are with the discipline that Morris County residents have maintained through this event. You, as healthcare workers, have helped lead these results by setting exceptional examples.

We continue trying to secure additional funds and/or equipment that might help us deal with the next public health crisis, or even with future individual trauma events. There is a good chance that MCH will come out of this event stronger than ever, though that is no consolation for the many that have suffered immeasurably because of this pandemic. Our thoughts are with everyone in Morris County who have suffered or is suffering due to loss of job or compromised health. As I read somewhere this week…this too will pass…maybe much like a painful kidney stone…but it will pass.

Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE.  MCH, CEO, Kevin Leeper

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