Dr. Nelson

Morris County Hospital is very pleased to announce the signing of Dr. Sydnee Nelson to join our Community and Medical Staff in early September 2022! She is a native of Clay Center, Kansas and is finishing her final year of residency at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences-West campus in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. She cannot wait to begin her career in the heart of the Flint Hills and is especially interested in attending to the obstetric needs of our area’s child bearing women. We are very excited to introduce her and her personal introduction which follows:

“Hello – I’m Sydnee Nelson, a Family Medicine Physician who will be joining your community in September. I grew up in Clay Center, KS and until three years ago I had never really left Kansas – my three years away have been good, but I’m ready to come home! I am finishing my training at this time but I am excited to join your medical community later this year! Just like most of your family physicians, I am planning on doing a bit of everything from obstetrical care to newborns to geriatrics and a lot in between. I have a passion for OB care, women’s health, procedures, and preventative care. I love the small town feel and knowing my neighbors. I am excited to be able hike on the trails, relax with a good book, and enjoy seeing the stars clearly. Overall, I’m excited to explore Council Grove and see what it has to offer me! See you all soon!”

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nelson, it would probably be best to wait until the first week of  July, as we will have gone live on our new electronic health record, Cerner, by late June, and we will have her set up as a physician on the new system. To start with, she plans to work 3.5 days in Council Grove and 1 day at the Chase County Clinic…specifics to follow soon.

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