Family Planning

Family Planning

The family planning program constitutes primary care for many of the clients served. A complete health history is taken on each client followed by a physical assessment, including Pap smear, urinalysis, screening for anemia, hypertension, and abnormal conditions of the breast and cervix as indicated.

Pregnancy testing and appropriate counseling is available. Information regarding early and continuous prenatal care is provided if the pregnancy test and/or exam findings are positive for pregnancy.

Morris County Health Department offers a variety of contraceptive methods including abstinence, condoms, oral contraceptive pills (Ortho Tri Cyclen, Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, Ortho Cyclen, Micronor and Gildess Fe), and the hormone injections (Depo Provera).

Instructions concerning effectiveness, proper use, indications/precautions, risks, benefits, possible minor side effects, and potential life threatening complications of contraceptive methods is provided. Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases are a part of the initial and annual visits. Immunization status is routinely addressed.

Services are provided by physicians from The Family Health Center of Morris County with assistance from public health nurses. If problems are discovered during the course of the assessments which are beyond the scope of the clinics, appropriate referrals will be made by the health care provider. Clients are seen on an appointment basis to minimize waiting periods.

Family Planning Forms

Information Exchange Authorization
HIV Testing Consent
Depo Provera Injection Consent
Family Planning Program Consent
Contraceptive Pill Consent
Female Health History
Income & Demographic Information
Consent for Birth Control
A Guide to Birth Control That is Right for You
Consent for Birth Control Immunization Authorization Form
Breast Pump Questionaire
Child Diet Questionaire
Breastfeeding Equip. user agreement
Infant Diet Questionaire
Insurance Certificate
Toddler Diet Questionaire
Postpartum Diet Questionaire
Prenatal Diet Questionaire
Rights and Responsibilities
Kansas Voter Declination

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