Heightened COVID-19 Alert for Morris County

October 29, 2020

Public Health Alert – For those yet unaware of recent COVID activity: A multi digit spike in positive COVID-19 cases has stricken Morris County since October 23rd. Our YTD total has risen by at least 25 positive cases, just since last Friday (with some results still pending)! Three of these are from USD 417 school system and most of the others are from small clusters of related parties. The point is we are conducting considerably more testing and tracing of positives than at any other time since the virus first hit Morris County. When we cannot identify exactly where the source of infection originates, we have to designate the positives as “community spread”, which is now a most likely source of some of these cases. A couple of these cases have resulted in significant illness.

Unfortunately, events are being cancelled as a result of this, including the annual Halloween Parade and the other events for the kids on Halloween. This message is intended to encourage a higher focus of caution in taking the protective measures which have been pushed from Day 1: wear your masks and eye protection, socially distance at least six feet, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. Whenever possible it is recommended to stay home.

As a result of these new extra demands on the Public Health Department (PHD) staff, the PHD will close its doors for non-COVID work for the week beginning 11-2-2020, and reopen only when this spike in activity subsides. Their phones will still be answered so that emergencies and questions can be addressed.

Thanks to all of you who take this alert seriously. Please stay safe!!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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