It is Time to End this COVID Spread!

A Plea from the MCH Family of Physicians & Staff

Today is November 16, 2020 and this month to date alone has far surpassed the number of Positive COVID cases for the whole month of October, throughout Kansas, and In Morris County:

The number of Kansans testing positive in just the past 72 hours: 7,234 and 19,188 in the past week!

In Morris County over the past 72 hours:  26, and 57 in the past week!

These are not simply validated numbers…these are real people getting sick, and some of them are not getting better! These are your Grandparents, your Mom and Dad, your kids, and your friends and coworkers! These are people who may not be feeling sick, but are unwittingly transmitting their infection to others. As healthcare workers…we want to be well so that we can care for you if you do get sick with COVID…or anything else.

The fact that we haven’t truly entered our Holiday Season yet…causes even greater concern for us and our fellow healthcare workers. This virus depends solely on uninfected people to sustain itself. We have to be better at wanting to end this virus’s persistence to exist!

The ability to keep your loved ones and yourself safe is really quite simple and effective – without costing much in dollars. Please commit to doing the following:

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your space between others
  • Cooperate with Contact Tracers
  • Avoid indoor gatherings with others not in your own family units
  • Get tested if you have COVID symptoms and quarantine until you have results
  • Stay home when sick
  • Limit crowd interaction
  • Get your Flu shot
  • Take your temperature often

If these are mixed messages about what you hear works, we get it. But we know these things have kept our MCH family working well throughout this pandemic. We know it can work for your families, too. We just want this thing to go away, just like everyone else does. If you trust us to take care of you when you are sick…we ask you to trust us when we encourage you to do the above things!


We are committed to taking care of our Communities’ health. We just ask for your help in helping us to be certain of being able to continue being here to help YOU!

Signed:        MCH Drs., Midlevels, Nurses, Techs, CNAs, EMS Medics and First Responders


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