Maintain #MaskingMorris well into May

Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

As we close out our first complete month of a “stay home directive”, we can all better evaluate the economic drain of what COVID-19 has done to our businesses’ and personal finances. For MCH, you can see from the predominately red color of our key STATS (red is below budget, and thirty four of our key thirty seven indicators are in the red)), that our services remain well below our norms. Our actual revenues were 63% of April’s Budget, which is actually a little better recovery than other hospitals in our region have reported. Last week ticked up slightly from the week before, and perhaps we have weathered the worst of this seemingly very long spell. As for overcoming the business loss suffered, we have managed to secure our fair share (whatever that means) of the relief dollars thrown out there by our generous Federal Government. I feel confident that MCH will come out of this no worse for wear. We hope the same for the rest of you!

As for the Clinical side of COVID-19 in Morris County, we experienced a bit of a scare last week, when we were directed by KDHE to go ahead and test our full population related to the Diversicare Nursing Home: including all residents and employees. This was the result of a safely quarantined employee, who eight days in, tested positive for COVID, and then reported a potential close encounter with a couple other employees, outside of the facility. This across the board screening was a conservative, precautionary measure, but the spread of this virus is still quite unpredictable, so our red flags are up, pending results of this nearly 145 new tests. As of this afternoon (the 6th), all but sixteen results are back with a negative status…so this could be indication of a huge victory for this vulnerable population that was the last place we wanted to see any COVID penetration!! Within a day or so we should know about the remaining sixteen people. We owe Paula Gant, Administrator of Diversicare, and her team a huge thank you for the skillful protection of their residents throughout this event. And the same goes for Renae Kersenbrock and her team at the Assisted Living Center!

As you have heard by now, formerly closed Morris County businesses are embarking on a slow and methodical plan to ease back into some level of business interactions. How they do this is primarily up to the business owners, subject to State ordered criteria: social distancing is assured, masks worn, and limited numbers of people allowed to occupy 1000 square feet. Those of you who are at all nervous about getting out of your homes to enter these newly reopened businesses should certainly feel free to extend the stay home function for as long as you like! And those that do choose to enter these reopened business should each be wearing masks during these early phase-in sessions! Testing is becoming more available, but is still not ample enough to be offered simply on request. To warrant a test will still require some level of symptoms or an identified exposure to a known positive carrier. In one of these coming reports I hope to have more favorable news on the availability of tests. All in all we are staying quite virus free in Morris County – so keep up the guarded work. Thank you and STAY SAFE.

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