Mask Announcement


October 11, 2022

Thanks to a modified position on masking for healthcare workers, issued by both CDC and KDHE, the Board of Morris County Hospital and its Clinics has authorized staff to take a relaxed masking position as well, effective at 7:00AM on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. As our County’s current 7 day rolling average of positive COVID testing per 100,000 population is at 71, or less than 100, we are eligible to make mask wearing only a recommendation inside our facilities, but not a requirement. The particular handful of conditions for staff continuing to wear masks will be handled via a revised in-house policy.

Should the County-wide positive rate per 100,000 climb above 100 in the future, a mandated mask wearing policy would resume. We will have signs posted on our entry doors as to what level of positivity we are scoring. If a green sign is posted, it will mean that entry without masks is acceptable. If a red sign is posted it will mean that all people inside our facility will be required to wear a mask. SO WHEN COMING TO THE HOSPITAL, PLEASE LOOK FOR THE SIGN OF THE DAY ON THE ENTRANCE DOOR!

Operationally, we will still be conducting a self-screening process upon entry into our buildings, but only for each person to attest to whether they have any COVID like symptoms or whether they know if they have recently been exposed to COVID. If either of these questions is answered YES, than we will ask you to wear a mask for that day. We hope this is simply the first step over the next several weeks which will eventually lead to no door screening at all.

Thanks to everyone in our communities who have abided by the previous policies we had to enforce up until now. And do understand…safety for our staff, guests, and patients will continue to be a number one priority.

Board and Management, MCH

USFCR Verified Vendor