#MaskingMorris is still the theme for April

Morris County has managed another effective two week stretch of minimal COVID-19 activity: another eight negative tests during this timeframe with a couple very recent ones still pending results. But just to our south and southeast you all have heard of the big spike in positive testing coming largely from two employers in Emporia: Tyson Packing Plant and Simmons Pet Food. These “essential service” companies have kept their employment numbers basically intact during this period, and by nature of what they do, are very challenged in keeping their workers from comingling, both on the job and to a degree in their transit to and from their work shifts. So in an adjacent County to Morris, at least 50 recently tested COVID positive citizens reside, and who knows how many potentially infected others who have yet to be tested.

This reality needs to be a red alert to us in Morris County, where many may feel inclined to relax from the separation guidelines we have been living under. The suggested peak period of COVID activity for Kansans is now through at least the end of April…so IT IS NOT THE TIME TO RELAX, especially with what we are seeing less than 40 miles away. We really need to continue wearing masks when in public, hence the new slogan being touted, #MaskingMorris. We all want to get thinking about the return to a semblance of normalcy, but this silent killer has to be respected, and allowed to run its own course. Two more weeks of protecting ourselves and each other is very critical to thwarting COVID’s course from getting a foothold in Morris County! Please remain DILIGENT to the Governor’s Stay At Home Order through May 3rd.

A most interesting statistic that is being validated week after week during this pandemic is that 4 in 5 (80%) infected carriers of COVID-19, have only minimal symptoms or none at all. Symptoms might just be like that of a chest cold, and not prompt you to be as guarded when around others. So this is when and where hotspots of positive tested groups can spring up out of the blue. This is a virus we need to be fearful of – enough so to stay home, and when you must get out, please wear your masks. And thank you to all who are working to keep us fed and healthy during this craziest of times.

Morris County Hospital is in the midst of its slowest several days since the outbreak emerged. We are probably one of the safest spots in the County as our staff is so tuned into looking for symptoms, as well as to the proper cleaning requirements and making regular wipe down efforts. So my message is to not put off visiting our providers if you are not well or if you must have routine lab work and prescription refills. We remain very much open and ready to assist with your medical concerns. And we are using telehealth technology to see you in your homes. Call 620-767-5126 to learn more about that option of getting care. Thank you and STAY SAFE.

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