Morris County COVID Case Study

There are still many unvaccinated people in Morris County.  I would like to share a case study with those of you that don’t trust the vaccine.

On November 28, 2020, we had our first positive COVID test at our local rest home here in Council Grove.  During the next couple of weeks we had 100% of the residents become positive for Covid and 88% of the staff.  Unfortunately we lost 24.5% of the residents because they died of Covid.  Many of these were the worst case scenarios and the patients needed to be hospitalized.  It was a very sad time for our community.  The staff at the rest home worked during this very difficult time, even though they were sick.  Many individuals in the community came together to support the workers, and donated food and drinks to them.  This was greatly appreciated, but the loss of life was devastating.

Twelve days ago we had another resident of the rest home test positive for Covid.  All but one of the current residents have now been vaccinated, and most have received their booster vaccines.  None of them have had a serious reaction to the vaccine. Only 7 residents and 4 staff members have tested positive for COVID this year, and no one has had to be hospitalized, and no one has died of COVID.  This is a major difference from 1 year ago when no one was vaccinated.  I would say this is proof that the vaccine is effective.

Many of you have read various articles on the internet or heard many different things on television, so I thought I would give you this information from a local source.  This is fact, not fiction, and can be verified locally.  I implore you to protect all of us in Morris County by getting vaccinated.  Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your family, friends and neighbors.  This pandemic will not go away until we increase our herd immunity, and that is most efficiently and safely done with vaccination.

In addition, wearing masks does alter the course of diseases.  In last year’s flu season,  we did not have one positive influenza test when we were better about masking, distancing, and hand washing! This year we have already had several positives tests for influenza, RSV, strep throat, and other common illnesses that were also down in numbers last year.  I’m concerned for this community and our patients about the recent repealing of the mask mandate.

Signed loyally and truly as a proud member and servant of Council Grove:
Lora Siegle, MD, FAAFP

USFCR Verified Vendor