Morris County Positive COVID-19 Cases Still Holding At the Early # of Two

As I said two weeks ago, this does not mean we are out of the COVID-19 woods yet…it means our social distancing continues to validate our actions of staying home and practicing good hygiene (wearing masks around others and lots of hand washing)…we need to keep on doing what we are doing! The number of people being tested through Morris County Hospital has subsided some over the last several days, not so much from the continued rationed testing, but from the fewer reported requisite symptoms that have presented. We actually saw a ramp up in service demands at our hospital for a large part of the past ten days, including the birth of three new Morris County babies – a big cause for celebration, to help offset so much recent bad news!!! We also had the opportunity to care for an influx of acutely ill inpatients, none having the COVID-19 symptoms. It is a tribute to our patients and staff alike to respectively seek and deliver needed care in these most uncertain of times. This is simply an intimidating pandemic because of what we see in regional urban hot spots, but also because new hot spots seem to pop up every few days as well. All indications are that primarily urban areas and/or senior living facilities are the most vulnerable of all areas.

With that said, our largest focus of local concern needs to remain the safeguarding of our Assisted Living Center and our Diversicare residents. Painstaking efforts are being practiced in those sites, much to the temporary distress of those affected residents and their “non-visiting families”, but very much critical efforts so we can return to a degree of normalcy as soon as possible. I would like to introduce a new interim director of the Assisted Living Center, Rene Kersenbrock, who started service Monday, April 6th.  She comes with substantial experience and will be here in Council Grove through June.

Our counterpart facilities who surround Topeka, with Stormont Vail as the hub, are all experiencing the same void of significant COVID positives. The early modeling that showed widespread infection has thankfully not materialized in our multi-county area. But the virus is still nearby, so being respectful of such is still how we must govern ourselves. A return to a new normal is not too far away, but some collective decisions must be rendered before we can predict that timeline. I certainly thank everyone in our County who has guarded on the side of extreme preparation and precaution for this very dangerous virus. It has taught us all some very good public health measures.

Everyone: Keep up the great work in this difficult time!!

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