MCH Charges

A Note to all of our patients

In an effort to comply with new regulations issued by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), Morris County Hospital is publishing its charge master of service on its website. We want to make sure that when you begin to compare our charges with other facilities that you know there are various methods regarding how hospitals arrive at their price for a specific service. Some hospitals bundle all of the components for a service together in one charge, while other hospitals charge for the components separately. This can make comparisons difficult. In addition, hospitals will use different descriptions for the same service.

In addition, we want to remind you that the price listed does not necessarily equate to your out of pocket cost for any service that you may have here at Morris County Hospital. We contract with numerous insurance companies and agree to various discounted prices. We also have discounts available for those of you without any insurance. Your deductible and coinsurance amounts are what dictate the amount of your out of pocket cost for your health care services.

As always, we strive to provide you with the highest quality health care service possible utilizing the technology, equipment, staff and facilities that we have available. We thank you for your patronage and should you have any questions regarding the pricing information on our website please contact Kevin Leeper, CEO or Ron Christenson, CFO as listed below.

Kevin Leeper        620-767-6811. Extension 146
Ron Christenson    620-767-6811, Extension 120

MCH Charge Master

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