Diversicare of Council Grove has confirmed a widespread COVID-19 outbreak with now the majority of its residents and staff testing positive for the virus. Morris County Hospital is currently treating several of these patients, partially because of too few healthy Diversicare staff to care for all its residents. Family members of residents are being notified and Diversicare Management is working closely with public health officials to address the situation.

Since March, Diversicare had implemented all the precautionary preparedness measures recommended by CDC and CMS guidelines, and had been successful up until a week ago, in keeping the residents safe. The residents’ safety has been the top priority, but a crisis is now in full formation. So far no infected patient has required ICU level of care, but that scenario can change at any moment. Anyone available with healthcare licensure is encouraged to call Paula Gant to assist with the situation at 620-767-5172.

Another residential center has confirmed reports of positive COVID cases, the Neosho Plaza Apartments, which has just elected to close its doors to any visitors unless you are a caregiver. MCH is now seeing its largest number of COVID patients since the epidemic started, all in a quartered off wing. We appreciate all those still uninfected to remain as absolutely isolated as possible, as residents in Council Grove and Morris County are extremely vulnerable to catch the virus at this time.

Thank you. Management of MCH

600 N Washington, Council Grove, Kansas 66846
Phone: 620-767-6811 • Poison Control Center: 1-800-332-6633 or call 620-767-6811
Front Entrance/Visitor Hours: 6:00 a.m. through 8:30 p.m

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