Public Service Announcement COVID – Plus Application for Mass Gatherings over 25

If anyone thinks that COVID activity is settling down in our region, then this article is for you. Number one it is important for everyone to know that symptomatic testing has really picked up since late August when testing capabilities have been made much more available. Some of this was simply due to suppliers catching up with high demand, but it has also been accelerated with the openings of schools, due to the related needs of knowing whether schools can realistically remain open if positive cases emerge within staff and/or students & families. It is proven that this virus likes to seek out groups, and it is responding accordingly.

As a result, positive tests are up quite dramatically over the past two weeks in nearby Counties: especially in Riley County ^ 300, Lyon County ^ 95, Geary Count ^56, Dickinson County ^51, and even Morris County ^11, all amounting to at least 16% of their YTD positive totals (in just 2 weeks). It is better that infected persons are not experiencing as worrisome of symptoms in most cases, but it is still putting many people in very ill and life threatening conditions. The fact is, predictors have simply not defined how this virus will impact any one individual, so it is critical that everyone remain guarded against its exposure. We would all like for this to just go away…but we fully know that COVID has no real enemy yet, other than shielded space between carrier and the uninfected.

As more people are being infected with this virus, more disruptions in how all of us conduct our businesses becomes inevitable! So as leaders in Public Health for this County, ALL STAFF at Morris County Hospital implore you to remain away from others as much as you can, and if that is not possible: PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASKS. This sounds like a broken record, primarily because we are all tired of being inconvenienced. But we are here to assure you, after treating some very ill patients – YOU DO NOT want to be sick with this virus. SO PLAY IT SAFE FOR EVERYONE’S BENEFIT!


Click Here for Application for Mass Gatherings over 25

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