Return to COVID Precautions

To: All Staff
From: Kevin Leeper
Date: November 21, 2023
Subject: Return to COVID Precautions
Effective: 11-22-2023

It is sad but true that positive COVID cases have returned to our Community, and more so to the confines of our work space. To reduce exposure and render some protection for our employees and patients as we address this somewhat vigorous return, we will resort back to mandatory masking for staff members who are dealing directly with patients and their guests. Self and/or assisted door screening will resume at the front and emergency entrances, to assure that those visitors / patients with temperatures over 100.4 are prevented from further entry. A green dot sticker will notify our team that any visitor has at least had their temperature taken. All visitors coming to see patients will be required to wear masks or face shields and others seeking outpatient services will be encouraged to wear masks or face shields…available to both entrances. No mandated masking at this time, unless one is visiting an inpatient.

At this time our clerical staffs will only be encouraged to wear masks, unless they have symptoms warranting such. If they are walking in patient adjacent hallways, a mask should be worn. This might change following the Holiday if an increase in positive cases invites change. Please use sound and thoughtful judgement when around anyone else, as we have learned that social distancing can be effective in reducing spread.

Stay Well and Have A Great Thanksgiving! Kevin

USFCR Verified Vendor