Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Rehabilitation program has been certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The Morris County Hospital program is one of 17 facilities in the State of Kansas that is certified.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive education and exercise program designed for patients with specific heart conditions. The program requires a physician’s order with a documented diagnosis of one of the following: heart or heart/lung transplant, stable angina, post open heart surgery, heart valve repair/replacement, post heart attack or MI, PTCA or coronary stenting. The exercise and education program is customized to each individual patient, based on the patient’s physical fitness needs, and lasts 6 to 12 weeks.

Does insurance pay for cardiac rehabilitation?

Most insurance plans will cover the cost of cardiac rehabilitation. Some insurance policies cover it 100% or have a co-pay for each visit. If your physician orders cardiac rehabilitation for you, please provide the hospital with a copy of your insurance card so they can verify your coverage.

What educational information or training will a patient receive in the Cardiac Rehab Program?

  • Receive weekly, customized education material
  • Develop skills to reduce risk factors for heart disease
  • Learn his or her medications and what each medication does
  • Meet with the hospital’s dietitian to discuss meal planning
  • Receive informational brochures
  • Learn how to begin a home exercise program to supplement cardiac rehabilitation sessions

What type of exercise is the cardiac rehabilitation patient expected to do?

A patient’s exercise program is individualized according to his or her current physical fitness level. The current fitness level is determined by having the Cardiac Rehab Team, consisting of the physical therapist and cardiac nurse, evaluate the patient.

The exercise program will consist of progressive aerobic exercise and strengthening guided by the physical therapist. The cardiac nurse will provide continuous monitoring of the heart and vital statistics.

What does a patient need to do to make this a success?

A major step has been taken towards a patient’s recovery by just getting started in the hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

  • Make attending the Cardiac Rehab scheduled sessions a priority
  • Face risk factors head on and modify them
  • Keep a positive attitude
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