Outpatient Services

I.V. Therapy

Trained nursing staff administer the medication in a comfortable setting. I.V. Therapy enables a patient to avoid an inpatient stay. This type of treatment is primarily for Infections.

Adjuncts to Chemotherapy

Morris County Hospital offers many services that assist you during your chemotherapy. Including discontinuing chemotherapy pumps and giving common injections post chemotherapy. IV fluids and nausea medications can also be given.

This service is obtained by having your oncologist contact us.

Wound Care

Wound care can be performed on simple to complex wounds. Trained nursing staff will work with your physician to help plan the best treatment of your wound. Wounds are measured and photographed weekly to evaluate effectiveness of the treatment.

Blood Transfusions

Our lab ensures that blood and blood products are available. Blood can be given in a non-emergent setting by our nursing staff with your physician’s order.

Other Outpatient Services:

Monthly catheter changes; Monthly or yearly injections; Central line care including drawing blood; EKGs.

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