Survey Monkey for COVID Questions

To: Morris, Chase, and Wabaunsee County Residents

In response to some suggestions from local citizens, the providers and/or administrator at Morris County Hospital would like to make themselves available to answer more questions you might have relative to COVID and other health related concerns. We hear rumors as well, and would love for you to hear directly from us, the feedback we listen to from our healthcare associations, and what we further research, in addition. We suggest doing this via taped video responses to questions that you pose to us, anonymously preferably, through this Survey Monkey input vehicle. The responses will be from our full team of providers, so you get everyone’s perspectives on questions they select.

Our plan would be to answer new questions, as they arise, with some regularity. We feel it would keep you all more informed about how our local health system is being impacted. This Q & A process could allow for an ongoing forum of idea exchanges.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then please use the attached tool to submit your most urgent question(s). We don’t pretend to know it all, but we have tools and connections to dig deeper.


Lora Siegle, Dan Frese, Brett Siegle, Melanie Byram, Lisa Meyer, Deb Benning, Carol Coirier, Haley Morgan, and Kevin Leeper

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