The Phased Reopening Plan Has Begun

Yesterday was a welcome day for those locals feeling a bit shaggy (but get in line) as our two hometown hair salons returned (with modifications), to help folks in the grooming category. As in the healthcare world, people will more than likely enter a salon with caution, and many will continue to wait things out a bit longer. After all, a haircut amounts to a close encounter, much like a visit with a doctor asking you to open your mouth wide, while peering inside. And many folks will choose to play it safe for a few more weeks, or until vaccine assisted. There are also signs that some local food establishments will begin accepting reduced inside seating options, as social distancing expectations are still very much recommended and enforceable to some extent. Some nonessential retail stores are resuming with unlocked doors, again compromised some by the social distancing and masking recommendations. But there are definitely more cars parked in downtown Council Grove than last week, and way more than a month ago!

Our public health perspective is still fostering the motto of “better careful than foolish”, and we actually think that the more defiance there is towards use of masks and avoiding contact with others – the quicker we will see an uptick in COVID spread. We have had such little of that in Morris County that it is easy to feel complacent about “spread”…but that is exactly what this coronavirus thrives on: close proximity of humans.

At MCH, as a team we are better prepared to accommodate the treating and/or redirecting of positive COVID patients, but we would much rather continue dealing with an uninfected community than in putting that preparation to test. For this reason we continue learning more about telehealth treatment/evaluation and we are grateful that this pandemic has accelerated the functionality of this healthcare delivery option. I encourage those of you who are still trepid about coming to a Clinic environment to call us about utilizing your cell phone camera for your doctor visit. We can help you. Maybe this pandemic will also give us all a jumpstart towards overall health awareness. We should all be thinking about ways to avoid falling into those health conditions leaving us more virus susceptible (i.e. diabetes, obesity, and tobacco/opioid dependency). Let’s just all work towards a very deliberate approach to easing back towards the way of life we are more accustomed to, but may never again quite duplicate.

Thank you, and STAY SAFE.

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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