Visitor Restrictions at MCH and Clinics updated March 19, 2020

Morris County has confirmed its first two Positive Cases of COVID-19. In this light, MCH will enact even more extreme measures to protect our staff and our patients.

Updated Visitor Restrictions March 19, 2020
First, we would like to define exposure as it relates to anyone knowing they were close to one of the infected patients in the past week. CDC’s definition of exposure means that you were inside of six feet of an infected person for at least 10 consecutive minutes. That minimizes risk from just being in the same building.

Other MCH measures being taken:

  • MCH is reducing access to its Hospital and Medical Clinic to strictly the MCH Emergency Room Entrance. This way we can optimally screen those needing urgent care and minimize areas we must continually disinfect.
  • Immediate family members only will be allowed to visit or accompany a patient, with no more than 1 visitor allowed per patient. No visitors allowed under age 14.
  • All Elective outpatient procedures and non-urgent Clinic visits will be suspended until further notice – this decision will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Please call your doctor to get determination of needing to be scheduled at the Clinic.
    • Persons with compromised immune systems, pulmonary complications, or serious health complications should stay home.
    • Limited and/or Compassionate exceptions to these restrictions may be warranted and will be evaluated on a case by case basis, with the consult of your PCP. Please contact the nurse’s station at (620) 767-6811, Ext 111 and ask to speak to the charge nurse.

Allowed Visitors will be asked to wear a hospital issued mask, to wash their hands often, before entering a patient room, upon exiting a patient room, and prior to leaving the facility. Areas to wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer are located frequently throughout the building.

  • FOLLOWING THESE GUIDELINES WILL HELP ASSURE THE FASTEST TIMELINE FOR MOVING COVID-19 on PAST MORRIS COUNTY. IT WILL TAKE EVERYBODY’S EFFORT TO EXPEDITE THIS INTENT. As for the latest testing procedures we have put into place at MCH, it is critical to know that a patient’s concern to be tested needs to start with 1 or 2 phone visits to build and validate the case that testing is indicated or that other testing needs to be considered first. So start by calling your doctor/nurse and tell them your recent history. An additional call to those that will be administering the test is also likely to be required. On determining the need to test, MCH has set up a drive thru area near the north side helipad, where the patient will not even have to get out of their car to be tested. Results from our testing are taking about a 48 hour turnaround.  Please feel free to call Kevin Leeper, CEO, of Morris County Hospital, with any questions about this update.

600 N Washington, Council Grove, Kansas 66846
Phone: 620-767-6811 • Poison Control Center: 1-800-332-6633 or call 620-767-6811
Front Entrance/Visitor Hours: 6:00 a.m. through 8:30 p.m

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